Cantaremos Audition Information

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Audition Details:

There will be 3 components to the audition:

1. Sing a major scale (use solfege or a neutral syllable)

  • 5-6 Treble – D major
  • 7-9 Women – D major
  • 7-9 Men – Any key that is comfortable for the student

2. Sing “My Country Tis of Thee” a cappella

  • 5-6 Treble I: key of G
  • 5-6 Treble II: key of E
  • 7-9 Women Soprano I: key of A
  • 7-9 Women Soprano II: key of F
  • 7-9 Women Alto 1: key of D
  • 7-9 Women Alto 2: key of D
  • 7-9 Men Tenor I (unchanged voices): key of D
  • 7-9 Men Tenor II: key of A
  • 7-9 Men Bass: key of E

3. Sing an excerpt of specified song. Excerpt should be well-learned and sung a cappella or with accompaniment-no part help, please.

Treble Choir: “How Can I Stop Singing My Song?” [click here for PDF of excerpt]

  • Treble I – mm. 15-23
  • Treble II – mm. 34-42

Women’s Choir: “Famine Song” [click here for PDF of excerpt]

  • mm. 20-33

Men’s Choir: “Tell My Father” [click here for PDF of excerpt]

  • mm. 29-36

Please note:  If you have a 6th grade boy whose voice has changed, they are invited to audition for the 7-9 Men’s Choir.