AzACDA is Arizona’s chapter of the American Choral Directors Association. Members of the national organization are automatically members of our state chapter. If you have moved to Arizona from another state, please update your membership information with the national organization so that we know you’re here!

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Edie Copley receiving Lifetime Achievement AwardIn 2021, Arizona ACDA presented its first ever Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Edith Copley. Dr. J. Edmund Hughes (left), a lifelong friend and colleague of Copley (center), presented the award on Jul. 6, at the chapter’s summer conference. (Aimee Stewart, AzACDA President at the time, is pictured on the right.) 

Recently retired from Northern Arizona University (NAU) and newly elected national president-elect, Copley is known internationally for her outstanding career as a teacher and choral conductor. She has devoted her life to NAU and ACDA and to promoting choral excellence. She has mentored, inspired, led, and supported students and colleagues throughout her career.

The 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient was Chris Evans and the 2023 recipient was Darin Shryock.

Each year from 2000 to the present AzACDA has recognized a choral director in Arizona who provided outstanding contributions to choral music in our state. The award has alternately been called the Outstanding Choral Educator, the Outstanding Choral Director, and the Choral Director of the Year, but regardless of the name, it has been awarded to a director who has exemplified distinguished service to choral music, to singers, and to the art of choral singing.

Recipients (if you can supply any missing names, please contact us):

2023 – Patricia Ubrig
2022 – Aimee Stewart
2020 – Ryan Holder
2019 – Marcella Molina
2018 – Ron Carpenter
2017 – Elizabeth Schauer
2016 – Brook Larson
2015 – Bartlett Evans
2014 – Greg Hebert
2013 – Bruce Chamberlain
2012 – Julian Ackerley
2007 – Edith Copley
2006 – David Lunt
2004 – David Perry
2002 – Ed Hughes
2001 – Jean Perry
2000 – Rita Scholz