Pandemic-Related Resources

The American Choral Directors Association — on the national, regional, and state levels — is working hard to collect and share useful information and resources for the choral profession. ACDA has collaborated with other arts organizations in holding webinars, producing reports, and even funding important scientific research. You’ll find the most updated information and links from the National ACDA at the following two links:

The Western ACDA Task Force for Innovation recently released their report Choral Music in the Time of COVID-19. It is presented in the form of a multi-folder document, with separate resources for different areas (e.g., Advocacy, Elementary, Worship, and many more). There are also video discussions and how-to’s. The technology team produced a side-by-side comparison of platforms and software that is highly useful.

AzACDA and ACE (Arizona Choral Educators) leaders have collaborated on letters that you may find useful in advocating for your choral program at school. Understanding that not everyone has the same administration and/or school leadership dynamic, we have created three versions of the same letter addressed to differing leadership that you may use to promote and educate school leadership in the time of Covid. Please feel free to use whichever letter best suits your needs.

In addition, we are partnering with Arizona Thespians and Arizona Dance Education Organization to send a letter to the Governor and State Superintendent that states:

AzACDA, AMEA, AzDEO and Arizona Thespians strongly advocate for Arts Organizations and School Performing Arts Programs to be preserved and supported in the reopening of our state and our schools.

Our hope is that these letters assist you in advocating for your program and educating your school leadership. We encourage you to work closely with your colleagues and administrators. Our goal is to be a resource and supporter to each of you throughout this time.

AzACDA is also offering a second round of Choral Organization Pandemic Relief Fund Grants with an application deadline of August 28. Early in the pandemic, we also published 10 Ideas for Choir Directors to Stay Connected During the Pandemic.

Click here for COVID Updates & Resources on the Arizona Choral Educators (ACE) website.

We wish you the best this challenging school year!

Aimee Stewart & Ted Gibson

President & President-Elect